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Keep scrolling and we'll tell you our founding story. Trust us, it's so good.

Once upon a time in a land far far away 

There lived a curious little boy, named Ali 

Ali wondered a lot about life and asked many questions

Little did he know that his insatiable curiosity would define his legacy

Then on this one special day, he encountered a computer for the first time. He was never the same again

Ali tinkered and fiddled until he learned all that could be learned

People often asked how he knew so much and were amazed at his talents which only confused Ali more

"How is it that people wonder how I do this" Ali asked himself

"And why do people find it difficult to understand computers?" 

Questions that would set Ali on a journey to discover a world where people and computers could exist in harmony

And thus Softwurx was born. We are a mission-driven company to help make software easier and better to use. Software that can be loved from the first moment, and that feels more human.

The End 🎉

So... Are you in?

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