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Rescue Fun Family

Rescue Fun Family


Compete against your friends, Explore different worlds and create your own pets for the world to see!


The insanely simple, cute and imaginative game Rescue Fun is here with endless bubble popping fun! Featuring our first 3 characters, Lucy, Slothman and Mauzy who are ready to take on the world. But be careful with Skully who is determined to capture them and bring them down. It's up to you to help them escape and save Lucy from Skully's tactical and vicious plan.


What the community is saying:


"The game design itself I enjoyed. The soundtrack is great, mechanics and visuals are simple and fun. It’s a pretty simple concept that’s executed quite well and in a cute, fun way." [Reddit : jknlsn]


"Very simple, easy to understand and addictive. Dangerous!" [Reddit]


How to play:

Tap on bubbles to not only help our favorite characters get home safely but also to earn points! If you let them get carried away you will lose a life and if you tap on skully that's an automatic game over. See how far you can go and how many points you can rack up as the game gets more and more difficult.



- Simple game mechanics (no tutorial needed)

- Aesthetically pleasing visual design

- Global leaderboards

- Add friends

- Create avatars

- Challenge friends

- Retro fun and memorable soundtracks

- Lovable characters

- Rescue Fun Museum

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